2100 laurel canyon boulevard, los angeles, california 90046




Head Chef and Owner Sandy Gendel fuses organics with art, and community with luxury in his treasured progeny–Pace. True to its namesake, this Laurel Canyon sanctuary is a cozy and serene approach to refined Italian cuisine.


Pace’s rustic menu features classic pasta dishes, original salads created with seasonal produce, to-die-for entrees, and inventive ciabatta-crust pizzas. Gendel handpicks his organic ingredients from local farmer’s markets twice a week so that “each morsel travels from the farm to your mouth in less than three days . . . and is infused with the care afforded by organic cultivation methods.”


At Pace, the farmer’s markets are valued not only for their superior fresh food, but Gendel also remains committed to supporting the local agriculture community. He encourages further community symbiosis by displaying for sale the eclectic and vibrant works of local artists, complimented by the wall of his patron’s spontaneous creations. Pace also showcases live musicians in hopes to marry the artistry of cuisine, sight and sound.


Gendel believes in a hands-on, leave-your-ego-at-the-door approach to the culinary experience. When not cooking in the kitchen, you can find him seating tables and welcoming peace and food lovers from around the world.